ChiefHRO on Government Matters

On Monday evening I appeared on Government Matters with Francis Rose on WJLA 24/7 News. Francis and I discussed a proposed Executive Order prepared by a working group of National Academy of Public Administration Fellows. The group, which I led, prepared the draft EO as a follow-up to a NAPA2020 Elections Project proposal to Modernize and Reinvigorate the Public Service. The proposal, which is unrelated to NAPA’s ongoing study of the Office of Personnel Management, advocates for elevating the status of OPM, revoking 5 Trump Administration Executive Orders affecting the workforce, and refocusing OPM on its core policy and oversight roles.

The full interview is available to stream here.

2 thoughts on “ChiefHRO on Government Matters

  1. Jeff
    Thanks for keeping this topic alive amidst all the noise.
    Some more granularity on the Triage especially a hierarchy of the Top three would facilitate focus.Keeping in mind that politics is the Art of the Possible to quote our common boss at NCPC.
    BARRY suggests that the focus should be on Transformation vs rolling back.
    It’s easier to Change when organizations are already broken ./K.Lewin\Titlle 5 desperately needs Transformation.
    When do we start.


  2. Great proposal! Agree with pretty much everything here except with the Executive Order on Modernizing and Reforming the Assessment and Hiring of Federal Job Candidates. That E.O. needs to be delayed by 18 to 24 months. Questionnaires if done correctly can be valid. In order to implement this E.O., agencies need to completely revamp their hiring practices and OPM policies are still in draft. Agencies also need to develop assessments and contract with vendors along with negotiate with unions. This all takes at least a year. Let’s also not forget that this will elongate the hiring process unless you use an automated solution. Agencies should not be forced to use these costly and time consuming assessments, especially for internal merit promotion announcements. We need to slow this E.O. and get it right before it halts all hiring.


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