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  1. In regards to your article titled “Federal HR: Hiring managers are part of the solution,” I wanted to say Bravo. I recently transitioned from local government to Federal, and it is mind-boggling to me that those who are responsible for working directly with a new hire do not receive (or want) a say through the hiring process. At the local level employees of all ranks were a part of various elements of the process, and as a result, the office I worked for functioned fairly well. One must be careful of the “hire someone like me” mentality, but being involved ensures that you decide on a person who will work best with the team.


  2. Again I ask if a manager who works as a federal prison system is held to any ethical standards related to his word being worth anything, as I was cheated our of $73,000 dollars. I know that Attorneys are held to ethical standards I would like to knkow if someone who is and presents himself as a federal employee are held to any standard of Truth, to a person who he has taken a lot of money from and then left town to work in a Missouri office as a supervisor over all facility managers. I find it hard to understand that someone who presented himself as such an important part of the Federal agency could lie and take this large amount of money and then leave this town and take my money with him. With out any responsibilities of his actions. I would like some information related to this .
    Thank you


      1. Can you tell me if the government hiring freeze will end before 90 days?

        Does the 90 days only apply to Monday – Friday or does it include the weekend as well?



      2. 90 days means calendar days. The likelihood of the freeze ending early is remote. Given the president’s executive order yesterday on executive branch reorganization, I think it is more likely that the freeze will last longer.


  3. I have one more comment related to this facility manager related to his dishonesty if this person is dishonest to a civilian I wonder about his ability to be honest in his work as a federal employee. I find this very concerning.
    thank you


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