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I formerly served as Chief Human Capital Officer for the Department of Homeland Security and Chief Human Resources Officer for the Defense Logistics Agency. I am also a Fellow, Board Member and previous Chair of the Board of Directors at the National Academy of Public Administration and a Partnership for Public Service SAGE. This is a personal Blog. The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of any organization with which I am affiliated.

Jeff Neal

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  1. Hello Mr Neal and Happy New Year.
    A fellow DLA (Europe) alumni, am thankful for your service at DLA and DHS.
    Wish you all the best at ICF.

    Rich N.


  2. Goodmorning!
    I’m glad I came across one of your articles in regards to the DOD jobs being frozen. I hope you can help me please. I was supposed to begin training as a clinical social worker at the Airforce base in Homestead Fl. I went through the hiring process during the month of December and was told to expect a call during the month of January which was supposed to be the call that would inform me the details of when to begin training for the job. I was told that all hiring and training was suspended and was not given anymore information. I was hoping you could tell me if you knew how long this suspension will go on for? and if there is hope that I can have my job once the suspension is lifted or if Ill have to go through the Drug screen, background check and the whole applying process all over again?

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  3. Jeff – I offer my appreciation of your assessment with relief in understanding it is visible and a real issue. I have my own experiences with the current process that had me sending letters to my state senator. There the issue was lost in either interpretation or understanding.

    I have watched my wife be blocked at the door with canned disqualification notices for positions she held for over 5 years as a contractor to the government. Sending, transcripts, DD214, Certification documents, and endorsements from federal employees result in simple e-mail responses noting blanket refusal for consideration.

    At the applicant level it is disheartening and demoralizing. At the citizen and taxpayer level the practice has me gravely concerned for our future.I think a significant change is warranted. Outsourcing the candidate process to external vendors would probably save significant time in process, increase the quality of selectees, and save the taxpayer money on a very challenged process.

    I am happy the issue is visible but concerned at the lack of priority or urgency.

    Kind Regards,


    1. On point with the “Executive Order Promoting Accountability and Streamlining Removal Procedures Consistent with Merit System Principles”….I called it a feel good E.O. in discussing this in a meeting yesterday.

      It’s like an E.O. reminding us we have to all stop at the red light.


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