Shutdown: It’s Getting Worse

My most recent post, “Shutdown: It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better” outlined the reasons I believe the shutdown is going to get progressively worse unless something is done to resolve the stalemate. Here are some examples of stories that show how that is already happening (with links to the sources). Each link will open a new window.

Military ‘death gratuities’ on hold until end of shutdown

Shutdown effects continue to ripple through agencies

Veterans Affairs Says Government Shutdown Halted Progress In Cutting Claims Backlog

VA chief: Shutdown could hit millions of vets

VA to furlough 7,000 employees, close regional offices

Thousands of Feds Currently Working Could Still Face Furloughs

Government shutdown 2013: Agriculture workers stifled by Washington mess

The effects are not limited to the federal government:

Federal Government Shutdown Starts to Crimp Trade

Shutdown could impact Capital AreaFood Bank (Austin, TX)

Loan Spigot Runs Dry for Small Businesses

Headaches Loom for SBA Borrowers in Shutdown’s Second Week

Shutdown: Delays in New Social Security Applications

D.C. mayor demands meeting with Obama, congressional leaders over shutdown

As agencies run out of Fiscal Year 2013 money and deplete working capital funds, we should espect to see more of these stories. Other agencies will find the effects of the shutdown ricocheting into areas that previously had not been affected. For example, if DoD repair depots run out of parts, they may have to furlough depot employees. Contract specialists who have no money to spend may be furloughed. For all of the criticism it receives about being “stovepiped” or “siloed” the federal government is an interconnected network of organizations that are reliant on one another. As more are shut down, the ability of the remaining parts to operate will diminish.