Reduction in Force Workshop

I do not usually use ChiefHRO to promote my work projects, but I get so many questions about RIF and downsizing that I am making an exception for this workshop. With the budget pressure many agencies are facing, some may have to resort to RIF, even though it is not their first choice.

My ICF colleague Deb Tomchek and I have put together a 1-day workshop on conducting RIFs. We believe it would be helpful for HR Specialists, managers and other federal employees who may be conducting a RIF, advising managers regarding the effects of RIFs, or who could potentially be involved in substantial downsizing efforts. Sometimes knowing more about how RIFs work and the unpredictable nature of RIF outcomes can help HR Specialists convince their agency leadership to avoid RIFs or at least to plan for them more effectively.

If you would like more information or to register for the workshop, please click the image or here.