Webinar – Preparing for RIF

On April 27 my ICF colleagues Deb Tomchek, Christina Curnow and I conducted a webinar on RIF preparation. The recording of the webinar is now available at no cost for anyone who would like to listen. Click here for a link to the full webinar.

Virtually no one wants to do a RIF, but some agencies may have no recourse. RIF is not easy, nor is it something most agencies have recent experience doing. The webinar covered:

  • Why federal agencies may not be ready to tackle a RIF
  • The necessary, and often time-consuming, steps required to prepare for a RIF
  • Tips for successful RIF preparation

Once you have listened to the webinar, please feel free to ask questions using the comment or contact links on this page. Deb and I are considering conducting more webinars on downsizing-related issues. If there are subjects that are of particular interest, please let me know via the same links.